Our History

The International Neuropsychological Society (INS) has a North American meeting every February and somewhere else mid-year. People who attended the 1979 meeting in New York City were inspired to get together and create a local group that shared the principles with INS. We formed a non-profit science and educational organization. At our first meeting to the public, and our first conference a year later, we were able to get continuing education credits for attending. NYNG continued, thrived, and is ready to collaborate with INS in preparing for its return after 40 years, in February 2019.

Our Mission

The mission of NYNG is to provide and foster educational opportunities for the study of brain-behavior relationships within the New York metropolitan region, and to promote the general interests of scientists and clinicians in related disciplines at all stages of professional development. Toward this end, NYNG seeks to host academic seminars and conferences; sponsor informal activities that provide opportunities for professional networking; and establish a structure for the organization and dissemination of information regarding training and educational opportunities for both students and seasoned professionals.

Board Of Directors

  • President - Elise Caccappolo, PhD, ABPP
  • Secretary - Ann DeSollar, PhD
  • Treasurer - Peter Pramataris, PsyD
  • Membership - Bryan Freilich, PsyD, ABPP
  • Communication - Peter Pramataris PsyD

Bilingual Task Force Coordinators

  • Heidi Bender, PhD, ABPP
  • Luba Nakhutina, PhD, ABPP

Board Members At Large

  • Christopher Christodoulou, PhD
  • Chaya Gopin, PhD, ABPP
  • Vanessa Guzman, MS (Student Rep)
  • Dora Kanellopoulos, PhD
  • Jason Krellman, PhD, ABPP
  • Christina Palmese, PhD, ABPP
  • Julia Rao, PhD
  • Stacey Snyder, PhD
  • Amy Weinstein, PhD

Founding Member and Archivist

  • Frank LeFever, PhD

CE Committee

  • Chair - Christina Palmese, PhD, ABPP

Committee Members:

  • Dora Kanellopoulos PhD
  • Chris Christodoulou, PhD


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