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SpecialTY Committees

Statement of Purpose: The goal of the NYNG specialty committees is to support NYNG’s goals and commitment to neuropsychological outreach, education, and training among membership and the community. The committees also aim to strengthen membership participation and prepare current members for future Board positions.

NYNG Committee Overview: Each committee is led by at least two board members and comprised of approximately 5 additional NYNG members (non-board). The minimum term of service for each committee member is two years. If elected to a particular committee, non-board members also have the opportunity to be considered for a Co-Chair position to further assist board members in their efforts. Specific duties and responsibilities for each committee position are described below:

Events and Continued Education (CE) Committee: Chris Christodoulou, Amy Weinstein, Anna Goodearl, and Ann DeSollar (Co-Chairs), Dora Kanellopoulos (CE Chair), Sarah Cote and Catherine O'Brien (Student/Trainee Representatives) 

·       Lead regular committee meetings in a manner that encourages participation, information sharing, and idea generation and development.

·       Communicate regularly with members

·       Represent the committee at official functions

·       Create, design, and coordinate NYNG events with members and other relevant student organizations

·       Help board members finalize event details such as reservations, venues, schedules, etc.

·       Conduct outreach and recruitment to organizations and University departments to increase participation

·       Help plan and execute events that are developed by the committee including set-up and take-down, clean-up, and on-site monitoring during the events

·       Work collaboratively with members

·        Collaborate with other NYNG committees to identify lectures and speakers appropriate for NYS CE credits for psychologists 

·       Maintain responsibility for program content

Media and Communications Committee: Bryan Freilich and Dora Kanellopoulos (Co-Chairs), Catherine O'Brien (Student/Trainee Representative)

·       Contribute expertise to assist committee members in establishing organizational marketing, branding and communication plans and       initiatives.

·     Advise on strategies and development for various communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and NYNG website.

·     Assist in managing our social media (NYNG Website, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) to help promote events

·     Utilize social media platforms to interact with members

·     Oversee the logistics of social media and communications operations

·     Help build and maintain relationships with key affiliate organizations

·     Evaluate effectiveness of communication initiatives both internally and externally

·     Identify potential opportunities for members to engage with each other, as well as expand NYNG presence and membership

·     Review and monitor NYNG website content

·     Assist in the building and refinement of the NYNG website as needed

·     Help oversee and manage website logistics

·     Help identify areas that need updating or that should be revised

·     Help develop the NYNG website archival database

·     Find and upload appropriate website content as needed including photos, videos, helpful links, clinical information, or important articles to bolster NYNG’s online presence and provide current and helpful resources to our members 

·     Help manage email blasts and maintain up to date discussion boards

Training/Mentorship Committee: Jason Krellman, Bryan Freilich, and Veronica Hinton (Co-Chairs), Melanie Blair Thies (Student/Trainee Representative)

·       Assist in the preparation, organization, and development of NYNG mentorship and training-related events

·       Collect resources for best practices in establishing successful mentoring relationships

·       Help identify qualified mentors within NYNG who are willing and able to provide professional mentorship, collaboration, and guidance for professional growth to potential mentees

·       Help identify potential mentees with interest in obtaining professional mentorship from a qualified mentor to address professional career goals and interests

·       Assist in the development of a mentorship program that seeks to provide guidelines and structure for mentor and mentee relationships to promote successful mentorship interactions

Social Justice and Professional Outreach Committee: Elise Caccappolo, Christina Palmese, and Stephanie Assuras (Co-Chairs), Hannah Cohen (Student/Trainee Representative)

·    Assist in the development of a program that seeks to foster cross-cultural equity and inclusion of racial and ethnic minorities in neuropsychology  

·    Advocate for self-examination and awareness of racial bias and prejudice among professionals, organizations, and individuals via workshops and seminars

·    Help to develop educational and networking programs and support for individuals and groups interested in, created for, or involved in racial and cross-cultural equity  

·    Assist NYNG in serving as a conduit to promote educational and legal resources available for early career neuropsychologists, e.g. when applying for positions, licensure, or board certification  

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