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Annual Frank LeFever Spring Conferences

25 Apr 2023 2023 Frank L. LeFever Spring Conference / "The Neuropsychologist's Responsibility and Role in Equity and Access" / Daryl Fujii, PhD, ABPP-CN; Desiree Byrd, PhD, ABPP-CN; Emnet Gammada, PhD; Nancy Rothenberg, Esq
9 May 2022 2022 Frank L. LeFever Spring Conference - Lecture 3 / "The Neuropsychological Impact of Viruses in Pediatric Populations: Past Pandemics and Current and Future Investigations of COVID-19 Exposure" / Richard Gallagher, PhD
2 May 2022 2022 Frank L. LeFever Spring Conference - Lecture 2 / "Cognitive and Mood Symptoms Following Recovery from Covid-19. Implications for Intervention" / Faith M. Gunning, PhD
25 Apr 2022 2022 Frank L. LeFever Spring Conference - Lecture 1 / "Neuropsychological Outcome in Long COVID-19 Patients" / Douglas Whiteside, PhD, ABPP/CN
20 May 2021 2021 Frank L. LeFever Spring Conference / "Think Zebras, Not Horses: Novel Approaches to Studying Atypical Neuropsychological Disorders"/ Margaret O'Connor, PhD, ABPP & Naomi Nevler, MD
16 Sep 2020 2020 Annual Frank LeFever Spring Conference / "From HIV to COVID-19: The Neuropsychology of Infectious Disease" / Allison Navis, MD, Andrew Levine, PhD, Desiree Byrd, PhD, and Philip Uy, PhD
15 Apr 2019 2019 Annual Spring Conference / "Novel Approaches and Emerging Technologies to Enhance Neuropsychological Clinical Practice" / Adam Brickman, PhD, Thomas Parsons, PhD, and Helen Mayberg, MD
28 Apr 2018 2018 Annual Spring Conference / "Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Neuropathology, Knowledge Gaps, and Clinical Translation" / Daniel Perl, MD, Christopher Randolph, PhD, and Kenneth Perrine, PhD

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