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Upcoming events

    • 20 May 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom link to be distributed to registrants prior to meeting

    NYNG 2021 Frank L. LeFever Spring Conference

    "Think Zebras, Not Horses: Novel Approaches to Studying Atypical Neuropsychological Disorders"

    Thursday May 20, 2021, 4-6 PM

    Admission is free for NYNG members and $20 for non-members

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    “Single Case Studies: What Patients Teach Us About Theories of the Mind”

    Margaret O’Connor, PhD, ABPP

    Associate Professor of Neurology

    Harvard Medical School

    Single case studies provide a unique opportunity to examine unusual neuropsychological syndromes. In this talk, Dr. O’Connor will review her studies on five patients who had different types of memory impairment, including circumscribed dense amnesia, a dissociation between anterograde and retrograde memory, confabulation, delusional misidentification syndrome, and epilepsy-related accelerated forgetting. She will discuss the neural substrates and cognitive features of each patient’s presentation. These case studies will be reviewed in relation to antecedent models of amnesia, and their relevance for more recent neuroscientific studies will be discussed.

    “What’s in a Word?:  Acoustic and Lexical Characteristics of Primary Progressive Aphasia and Behavioral Variant FTD”

    Murray Grossman, MD, EdD

    Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry

    Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Director, Penn FTD Center

    It has been 10 years since our research group published clinical research criteria for primary progressive aphasia (PPA), and that publication has been among the most highly cited articles in Neurology. The criteria were based on relatively informal clinical impressions. While they have largely stood the test of time, follow-up studies have shown that there is considerable variability in applying these criteria, and validation has been elusive. In this presentation, clinical characteristics of PPA will be reviewed, and an update using an automated natural language processing algorithm will be provided. Acoustic and lexical features of digitized, semi-structured speech samples that differentiate non-fluent/agrammatic PPA from semantic variant PPA, distinguish linguistic components from motor components of speech will be described, and the speech features that decline longitudinally in these patients will be examined. Validation data using neuroimaging, cerebrospinal fluid analytes, and direct correlations of antemortem speech with findings at autopsy will be provided. Finally, our automated approach will be extended to patients without an obvious aphasia – to patients with behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia. This automated, highly reliable, and validated approach to speech opens new vistas of opportunity for neuropsychologists.

    • 14 Jun 2021
    • 7:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    Please join us in a discussion of current Neuropsychological Assessment via Telehealth practices. We will share the results of our practice survey and discuss challenges and lessons learned during the past year of practice.

Past events

1 Feb 2021 Virtual Happy Hour for Trainees
26 Jan 2021 36th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Improving the Human Brain" / Michael Posner, PhD
4 Jan 2021 Billingual Task Force / "Natural Speech Markers of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Latino Populations" / Adolfo Garcia, PhD
16 Nov 2020 2020 Training Fair
27 Oct 2020 Educational Outreach
16 Sep 2020 2020 Annual Frank LeFever Spring Conference / "From HIV to COVID-19: The Neuropsychology of Infectious Disease" / Allison Navis, MD, Andrew Levine, PhD, Desiree Byrd, PhD, and Philip Uy, PhD
30 Jun 2020 Bilingual Task Force / "Neuropsychological assessment in Spanish speakers in the US" / Shelley Peery, PhD
27 Jan 2020 35th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Reducing Diagnostic Uncertainty: The Role of Evidence-Based Practices in Clinical Practice and Research" / Gordon Chelune, PhD
15 Apr 2019 2019 Annual Spring Conference / "Novel Approaches and Emerging Technologies to Enhance Neuropsychological Clinical Practice" / Adam Brickman, PhD, Thomas Parsons, PhD, and Helen Mayberg, MD
23 Jan 2019 34th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: From Monkey Lab To Human Rehabilitation" / Edward Taub, PhD
28 Apr 2018 2018 Annual Spring Conference / "Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Neuropathology, Knowledge Gaps, and Clinical Translation" / Daniel Perl, MD, Christopher Randolph, PhD, and Kenneth Perrine, PhD
8 Jan 2018 33rd Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Investigations of Preclinical Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease" / Stephen Rao, PhD
9 Jan 2017 32nd Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Creativity & The Brain" / Kenneth Heilman, MD
11 Jan 2016 31st Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "My Path to Neuropsychology and Cognitive Reserve" / Yaakov Stern, PhD
12 Jan 2015 30th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "A Novel Approach to Hemispheric Specialization in Novelty Processing (Pun Intended)" / Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD
27 Nov 2014 29th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Optimal Outcome in Children with a History of Autism" / Deborah Fein, PhD
4 Jan 2013 28th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Anatomical Functional Organization of the Frontal Lobes: Implications for Assessment and Rehabilitation" / Donald Stuss, PhD
9 Jan 2012 27th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Profiles of Dementia: Four Neuropsychological, Neuroanatomic and Neuropathologic Phenotypes" / Sandra Weintraub, PhD
10 Jan 2011 26th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Fatal Attraction: The Tangled Relationship of Neuropsychology and IQ Tests" / Maureen Dennis, PhD
11 Jan 2010 25th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Cognitive Changes With Aging: What is Normal & What is Not?" / Linas Bieliauskas, PhD
22 Apr 2009 24th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Controversies in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: How Neuropsychological Findings and Concepts Help to Clarify the Issues" / Steve Mattis, PhD, ABPP-CN
27 Jan 2008 23rd Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "" /
27 Jan 2007 22nd Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Pioneers of Neuropsychology: An Insider’s Guide to Arthur Benton" / Kerry Hamsher, PhD
7 Nov 2006 21st Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Neuropsychology of Cognitive Aging: Diagnosis & Experimental Therapeutics" / Mary Sano, PhD
29 Nov 2005 20th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Memory Impairment" / Herman Buschke, MD
1 Dec 2004 19th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Brain Basis of Consciousness: Evidence From Neuropsychology" / Marcel Kinsbourne, PhD
13 Nov 2003 18th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "The Neuropsychology of Emotions: Clinical Implications" / Joan Borod, PhD
25 Nov 2002 17th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Evolutionary Neuroanatomy and Schizophrenia" / Robert Bilder, PhD, ABPP
1 Jan 2001 16th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "" /
28 Nov 2000 15th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Cortical Memory" / Joaquin Fuster, PhD
15 Nov 1999 14th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: a Day Program Based on Luria’s Theory" / Anne-Lise Christensen, PhD
30 Nov 1998 13th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "The Organization of Knowledge Systems in the Brain" / Elizabeth Warrington, PhD
11 Nov 1997 12th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Biological Influences on Sex Differences in Cognition" / Doreen Kimura, PhD
25 Nov 1996 11th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Processing Deficits in Amnesia" / Laird Cermak, PhD
20 Nov 1995 10th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Body Sensation in the development of Self: a Neuropsychological Analysis" / Marcel Kinsbourne, PhD
21 Nov 1994 9th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Degrees of Modularity and the Concept of Self in the Dual Brain" / Eran Zaidel, PhD
1 Jan 1993 8th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "" /
1 Jan 1992 7th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "" /
1 Nov 1991 6th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "" /
17 Dec 1990 5th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "The Aftereffects of Stress on The Brain" / Dennis D. Kelly, PhD
20 Nov 1989 4th Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Memory Systems: A Psychobiological Perspective" / Herbert Weingartner, PhD
21 Nov 1988 3rd Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "New Prospects For Understanding The Frontal Lobes" / Brenda Milner, PhD
16 Nov 1987 2nd Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "Parsing Memory: The Process Approach to Assessing Dysfunctional Memory" / Edith Kaplan, PhD
8 Dec 1986 1st Annual Arthur Benton Lecture / "The Evolution of Clinical Neuropsychology As Reflected in The Study Of Visual-Perceptual Disorders" / Arthur L. Benton, PhD

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